Escape daily life. Step into nature.
Discovery tours with the Familix Nature Programme.

South Tyrol is a fantastic adventure world which your children can explore during the unique Familix Nature Programme. In 2021, everything revolves around the versatile topic of stone. The little explorers accompany Ella and Max on their search for magic stones, which leads them deep underground. They get to know many a magical and enchanted creature: Rocky the Cairn, who in reality is an enchanted prince; the love of his life, who has retreated into the dark cave out of lovesickness; the mysterious Rock Face and a little dwarf, who is still searching for gold in the mine.

Dates 2022:
25.06. - 04.09.2022

Our Nature Specials:
* Mini Familix Nature Programme for small children up to 7.
* Junior Familix Nature Programme for older children above 7.

On this extraordinary voyage of discovery, our professionally trained nature educators reveal a wealth of exciting facts about rocks. Together with your children, they go on the hunt for hidden treasures, create small works of art, play around in nature, and much more. The special, educationally valuable, and age-appropriate children's programme was developed in close cooperation with experienced nature educators. Fun, games, and excitement are guaranteed.