… a strong team

“Nobody can play a symphony on the flute. You need a whole orchestra.”
Halford E. Luccock

Our animation team from the Happyclub: Elisabeth, Petra & Laura! Your children will be delighted!

Our crew from the kitchen with head chef Claudio which prepares exquisite dishes:


Our team from the restaurant, which brings you our delicious dishes:


Meinrad, the best caretaker:


Our upstairs maids for your clean family rooms:


Samira from the beauty for your pleasant stay:


Brigitte, Katja, Lena and Sally from the reception await you with a smile:


We are happy to introduce you our Team as well as their accommodation! Our staff members live in single or double rooms with TV and washing machine facilities. We are thankful for our strong team… because only by working good together we can be successfull and provide you a pleasant Holiday!