The Family Hotel Huber, for over 120 years and now in its sixth generation, is a living testament to timeless hospitality and sustainable commitment. Our story spans multiple generations, and with this heritage comes a deep commitment not only to providing today's guests with unforgettable experiences but also to making a sustainable contribution for generations to come.

Our commitment to protecting the environment is manifested in various measures. The sustainable use of resources is at the core of our actions. Through modern technologies and efficient energy sources that have evolved over the years, we emphasize a conscious approach to energy and resources. This is not only reflected in our current sustainability strategy but is part of an inherited legacy that we proudly continue.

Recycling is not just a contemporary practice for us; it is an expression of our responsibility to nature. We use recyclable materials, minimize waste, and embrace a sustainable circular economy. This respectful handling of natural resources is deeply rooted in our family history and shapes our daily operations.

A deep connection to the region is another cornerstone of our sustainable philosophy. We maintain close relationships with local farmers and producers to source fresh, seasonal products while simultaneously supporting the economy in our area. This connection to our community has endured over decades and shapes the identity of our family hotel.

At the Family Hotel Huber, sustainability and tradition are inseparable. With over 120 years of history and six generations shaping our hotel, we continue to passionately advocate for a sustainable future. Welcome to a hotel where hospitality is not only a tradition but also a promise for generations to come.