The origins of the Huberhof date back to 1508. Until the 17th century the Huberhof farm was owned by the monastery Abbazia di Novacella. It was built as a two-sectioned farm, which means that the residential building and the farm buildings were built separately (as opposed to a single farm building). Initially, the Abbots let the farm to the Huber family, later the family was able to purchase it. Since that time, the farm has been known as Huberhof, including the guesthouse that is part of it.

The records show that the Huberhof has been owned by our family since 1842. In 1961, the first guests arrived at the guesthouse Gasthof Huber. With the construction of the ski lifts, central heating in the rooms and the building of the road from Rio Pusteria to Valles, tourism in our valley and in our hotel grew steadily: The guesthouse became the Hotel Huber. In 1997 we became a founder member of the association Familienhotels Südtirol and we have since been specialising in families. In 2003 we became a member of Familotels.

With attention to detail and focus on the wishes and requirements of our guests we continue to develop the hotel Huberhof from season to season and from year to year. We are Edith and Franz Stolz with children Simon, Eva Maria and Anna.

Franz accompanies you on hikes and introduces you to the world of wine. He also advises guests at Reception and is responsible for all admin.
Edith is the heart of the hotel. She is always ready to listen to guests and staff and coordinates service and housekeeping. The trained breathing coach also introduces you to the importance and the effect of breathing.

As a trained cook and experienced chef, Simon takes care of a healthy and balanced diet as well as the freshness and quality of the products. He also works at Reception, as a member of the Service team, and is in charge of maintenance works.

Eva Maria and Anna live and work abroad. Both love to come home whenever possible to spend time in the mountains and on the piste, and to help in the hotel.