Not only good… but TÜV certified!
Holidays are a particularly important time for families – a time for relaxing together, but also for fun and exciting activities for & with the children. Nobody wants this special time of the year to be ruined by frustratingly misleading and disappointing “family-friendly” deals. If the advert says children-friendly, children must be welcomed and catered for.

Until now, a disparate array of methods for assessing family-friendly businesses has tended to create further uncertainty rather than reassurance for clients. The confusing proliferation of quality certification seals has made it virtually impossible for families to ascertain which might be the suitable venues. The growing number of different classifications and symbols used to designate child-friendly status made an integrated Europe-wide system of assessment and categorisation highly desirable.

Collaboration between the German Child Protection Agency and TÜV NORD, working together with children and families, has led to the development of a standardized set of assessment criteria with which to assess family-friendly accommodation.

Familotel establishments were the first to submit to this new, strict code of assessment. As a result, accommodation facilities in a number of different countries—Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary—submitted for the first time to a standardized assessment of their suitability for families with children.

logo-familotel   Happy-Holiday-Guarantee
The Happy-Holiday-Guarantee defines a broad range of facilities which are considered an obligatory standard in all 52 Familotels. From quality assurance relating to accommodation and facilities to child supervision, care and friendliness – demands are high and everything is continually being assessed with the utmost care and attention .
 logo-tuev-siegel   TÜV-Seal “OK FOR KIDS“
The German Child Protection Agency (Deutsche Kinderschutzbund (DKSB)) and TÜV NORD certify child-friendly services and products with the “OK for kids” quality seal. In 2002, the Familotel Group became the first hotel cooperative in Europe to win this certification.
 logo-schweizer-q   SWISS Q
Since 2007, the Swiss quality assurance seal for tourism has been recognized throughout Europe as the first international quality programme. It is set out in three stages: stage 1 focuses on quality of services, stage 2 includes an assessment of management quality and stage three calls for a comprehensive quality assurance system.
There are currently 15 German states which are designated part of Service Quality Germany. The three-stage internal quality management system is set up to assure quality of service in Germany as a tourist destination and to promote cooperation and collaboration between the different branches.

TÜV service check – OK for kids