New, Mama Fitness Week with Romy

Romy, born in 1990 and raised in the beautiful Rhineland in Germany, is a mother of two wonderful daughters. In Düsseldorf, she enjoyed top-notch training in the field of sports and obtained numerous certificates:

• BASI Pilates Matwork
• Barre Workout Trainer (by Youpila)
• Prenatal Trainer (by MamaWORKOUT)
• Postnatal Trainer (by MamaWORKOUT)

Look forward to varied sessions:
Feel good Pilates:
A calm Pilates flow with the basics of Pilates, combined with mobilization exercises and light stretching. Start your day right :)

Fit Moms:
Gentle full-body training for moms with a focus on a strong pelvic floor and a fit core.

Pilates Matwork:
Building on the 6 fundamental principles of breathing, concentration, control, centering, precision, and flow of movement, this Pilates enhances your body awareness and performance. Suitable for all fitness levels!