Fitness Week and BuggyFit for mums in our Family hotel: Save the date!

03.03.2024 - 10.03.2024

An exciting and sportive program awaits you, specifically created for all mums, including fitness for the whole body, back fit, pelvic floor workout, stretch and fascia training, and gymnastics for children.

1 week long holiday in this beautiful surroundings, the fresh air, our programs for child- and babycare, our Spa & Beauty facilities, the All-Inclusive/ no alcohol and all the possible adventures on our farm will spoil you to no end.
In fact, you can enjoy without feeling guilty, as you will get fit while training 1 week with our buggyFit instructor Nadine.
Nadine herself has 2 beautiful children and is as excited as you to spend and enjoy the week full of sport, enjoyment und happy moments with you.